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Livestock Traceability Survey

The Government of Canada has developed proposed regulatory changes related to livestock traceability, specifically for cattle, bison, sheep, goats, cervids, pigs and wild boars. These regulations will be presented in the Canada Gazette Part I this fall, after which there will be a 90 day consultation period.

We are aware of current and proposed amendments that may have a negative impact on animal shows across Canada including, but not limited to: fairs, rodeos, 4-H shows, displays, etc. The amendments may affect your reporting and tagging responsibilities, putting the responsibility on the intermediary site to report animal movement to the responsible administrator. As such, we are currently collecting data to build a quantitative case that will be presented during the 90 day consultation period showcasing why the proposed regulations will not be effective. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to complete the survey at the link below to help us build our case.

As well, we have prepared a short exhibitor survey. Please share this survey with your animal exhibitors, encouraging them to fill it out in order to strengthen our case. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2022.

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