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Access to network of fairs and exhibitions across Canada


Access to a variety of educational tools and programs


Representation in the federal government

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Online resources and templates for your events and activities



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Industry-specific training and professional development


National recognition through our rewards program


Free communication material, including photos


Discounts on insurance, printing, promotion, web design, etc.

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Engaging Future Leaders, including a fair work exchange program


To support and ensure the success and dynamism of an exceptional industry

Becom a member
Starting at $205/year
Starting at $395/year

For information about membership categories, click here

Member Benefits

When you become a member of CAFE, here are the benefits you will receive:

  • Free industry experts as speakers at your events

  • Webinars, online industry resources and templates, including access to 3,000+ free stock photos

  • Discounts on member activities such as our convention and magazine advertising

  • A quarterly industry magazine and bi-weekly email updates

  • Free job and event postings

  • Access to member's directory

  • Opportunity to participate in our national awards program

  • Opportunity to recognize your fairs and organizations with national CAFE plaques

  • Voting rights at the annual general meeting

  • Discounts on corporate legal services, promotional material, ticketing programs, awards products, hotels, work clothes, car rental, insurance, discounts at hundreds of stores, restaurants and more

As a service member, you receive all of the above, AND: 

  • Exclusion from the CAFE levy fee

  • Free listing on our website

  • Access to the NICA Certified Concessionaire Program

If you are a member and want to learn more about any of the above and how you can access them, please email

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