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National Awards

The CAFE Awards Program annually recognizes the accomplishments, innovation, and long-term contributions of organizations and individuals to the industry and their respective associations and organizations. The National Awards program allows members to nominate individuals and groups into the categories listed.

To nominate someone, complete the CAFE National Awards Application form. Nominations are submitted to the CAFE office and awards are presented at the Annual Convention.

The awards season is currently open, get your nominations in by Oct 13th.

 2023 Categories


Innovation Award

What is innovation? It’s a new product, service, technology or method that provides a better or more effective end result. It could be innovation in engineering, beautification, competitiveness, environmental programming – you name it! We want to hear how your fair has innovated in the past year. Tell us about what you have done and how it has enhanced your event. Remember, innovation can be in any context: whether you had a fair or adapted to continue to engage your community in another way. What new activities have you created? How have you been able to continue to engage your community, even if it’s from a distance or virtual?


  • Only open to CAFE Members


  • Plaque and acknowledgement at the Annual General Meeting and online.

Deadline: October 13, 2023


Service Member of the Year

This award recognizes a service member (concessionaire/vendor, midway, service provider) that is deemed to have made the most significant overall contribution to the industry over the past year(s).


  • Operations/activities (balanced year-round operation, significant in the region serviced)

  • Equipment: proven maintenance program and upgrades to meet a changing industry

  • Innovative ideas and methods; provides leadership in the industry

  • Highest level customer service & efficiency

  • Member of CAFE

  • The same service member may win this award more than once



  • Plaque and acknowledgement at the Annual General Meeting and online.

Deadline: October 13, 2022


Canadian Fair Champion

There is no firm criteria – just nominate from your heart! This is your chance to recognize “that special someone” who goes the extra mile for your fair organization or agricultural society. It could be a volunteer or staff member. It may be the fellow who has taken on maintenance of your fair buildings with little or no thanks. Or the woman who has chaired every committee twice and keeps stepping in when needed! Maybe it is someone who supported your community through another difficult pandemic year. Tell us about this special person.


  • Open to CAFE members and non-members


  • The winner will receive a plaque, medallion and recognition at the Annual General Meeting and online.

Deadline: October 13, 2023


Roll of Honour

Established in 1979, this award is to recognize distinguished service by an individual or organization to the Canadian fair and exhibition industry and the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions.


  • Length of service or performance of normal duties associated with a local fair is not considered. This award is intended to honour an individual or organization who has had a particular impact beyond their local community in a forward-thinking and engaging manner over a minimum of ten (10 years).

  • Nominees have a proven record of sustained exceptional service to the national industry and the goals and objectives of CAFE. Nominees may also have served CAFE with distinction through the excellent performance of a specific or single task or the completion of a specified assignment, program or project that has enhanced the role, work or profile of CAFE.

  • Nominations must demonstrate how the nominated individual or organization has made significant contributions to the industry through one or all of the following:

    • Leadership

    • Vision

    • Specific Expertise and/or Outstanding Service

    • Impact beyond their local community

    • Multiple recipients may be recognized

  • Persons making a nomination should carefully consider how the nominee is to be presented.

  • Only open to CAFE members

Nomination requirements:

  • A completed nomination form

  • A curriculum vitae or biographical sketch is considered an asset

  • A minimum of 2 supporting letters co-sponsoring the nomination



  • Plaque and acknowledgement at the Annual General Meeting and online


Selection process

Each year, the executive will select members to the Roll of Honour Selection Committee which may include past and present board members, past award recipients and/or industry leaders to review the finalists selected by the awards program judges. Nominees not selected will have their nominations kept on file and still be eligible to win for the following year, up to five (5) years.


A maximum of two awards will be presented annually, at the discretion of the board.


Deadline: October 13, 2023

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