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Get involved: CAFE Levy

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The C.A.F.E. Levy has become an important part of our organization. The long and short of it is that concessionairs who are not members of C.A.F.E. are obliged to pay a fee of $25 at participating fairs and exhibitions. The fairs and exhibitions then submit these funds to C.A.F.E. after their event. If your event is interested in participating, it's as simple as emailing to sign up.

As part of each contract or license issued to your fairs exhibitors or concessionaire who are not CAFE members add a line where your fees are broken out called CAFE Levy and insert the $25 fee. This similar to how you would charge taxes or other fees.

Rent or Deposit. $900.00

Electrical Hookup $100.00

GST $130.00

CAFE Levy $25.00

Total Due $1,150.00

At the end of your event tally up the CAFE Levy's collected and send a cheque to CAFE. If you collect a levy on 100 contracts or licenses then you would remit $2,000 to CAFE. You do not need to collect or remit GST on the levy as it is included in the levy

More about the "why" below:

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