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CAFE secures decision on recorded music tariffs

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

CAFE and partners secure positive decision on recorded music tariffs at live events

On September 1, the Copyright Board of Canada certified eleven tariffs, two of which CAFE and our partners negotiated to protect the rights of fairs and exhibitions.

Re:Sound has been negotiating these fees with CAFE for more than four years. Working with CAPACOA, CAFE was able to secure a new Tariff 5.K Recorded music accompanying theatrical, dance and other live performances, and revising Tariff 5.D Festivals, Exhibitions and Fairs for 2015.

The Copyright Board’s decision (paragraphs 33-47) notes: “CAFE and CAPACOA consulted extensively with their members and requested changes to the Tariff to make it simpler to administer and more equitable.

”Tariff 5.K Theatrical, Dance and Other Similar Live Performances 2008-2015 is a brand new tariff, there is no SOCAN equivalent. This Tariff “is designed to fill in the remaining gap in the initial proposed Re:Sound Live Events Tariff for 2008-2012, and covers the use of recorded music during all types of live entertainment events not otherwise covered by Tariffs 5.A to 5.J.” It applies to the use of recorded music as a part of any type of live entertainment events including theatrical, dance, acrobatic arts, integrated arts, contemporary circus arts or other similar live performances. The fees vary depending on whether the music is incidental, and there is an annual minimum fee available to licensees that hold multiple events.

For more information:

Christina Franc, Executive Director Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions

With files from CAPACOA

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