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Proposed Name Change

The Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (CAFE) is considering proposing at the 2020 Annual General Meeting to change the organization’s legal and operating name to the Canadian Association of Fairs and Events.

After preliminary conversations at the annual convention and via an online survey, CAFE has prepared the information below to respond to your questions and concerns. We would ask that you take the time to review this and reach out to us with any further questions. We also ask that you fill out the survey at the end of this page to provide your feedback on the proposal. 


It is important to recognize these are proposed changes and we are currently in the consultation stages. The CAFE board is looking for member feedback to ensure the proposal will meet the needs and address the concerns of our current membership. Every component of this proposal is subject to change based on your feedback.


This change is being proposed, first and foremost, to support those who currently can become members of CAFE but do not have a fair or exhibition. For example, many agricultural societies have a rodeo or run events at their curling club but do not have a fair or exhibition. As well, our current by-laws already permit festivals to become members of the organization. By using the word, “events” we are being more inclusive for current potential members while also opening up to other organizations with similar interests.


This is also an opportunity to look to the future. More and more of our members are offering multiple events throughout the year and this trend will continue for the viability of their organization. Likewise, by adding events, CAFE will be able to expand your network, resources and ability to be the best you can be.


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Why the change?
Vintage Light Balls


CAFE would continue to represent the interests of agricultural societies, fairs and exhibitions as a top priority. We will ensure the agricultural interests continue to be met by:

  • Ensuring the majority of board positions are dedicated to fair members

  • Continuing to have a Provincial Associations committee representing the interests of their members

  • Conducting regular member assessment surveys related to the needs of our members

  • Continuing to seek federal funding opportunities through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  • Use market segmentation, offering one set of programs and services to non-profit agricultural societies and another set of program and services to for-profit events. Where there is overlap, CAFE will facilitate programs and services relevant to both parties. This also allows us to secure the tradition and history of our organization and current members.

  • Committing to continued professional development focused on the unique needs of agricultural societies

  • Maintaining our charitable status in order to continue to offer targeted services to non-profit members

Every member will be responsible for paying one membership fee in line with standard practices, based on the attendance of their largest annual event. All members (current and new) who run multiple events will now be able to have each event listed in our various promotional tools, and teams involved in events outside of fairs and exhibitions will be invited to participate in CAFE events and activities.


Membership fees would be structured the same for fairs, exhibitions, agricultural societies and events.

Preserving current membership

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