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Tips on how to work with your community

Working with your community leaders, members of parliament and health agencies

Right now, you need to be the voice of calm, reason and wisdom. You also need to educate yourself in order to lead your organization. Start by being a great community leader. Here are a few other tips to work with your community right now.

1. Most importantly, reach out to your community leaders, government authorities.

Contact your local mayor and members of city hall. Introduce yourself and be accessible to help with establishing policies and plans to be implemented during the pandemic. Be involved in preparedness efforts and share your expertise and capabilities in order to help your community in its ongoing response to the pandemic.

Reach out to all levels of government; local, provincial and federal. Offer to help raise awareness, communicate accurate information, counter rumours, provide needed services, and liaise with the government during this time. Identify your strengths and potential roles and, in partnership with your local government and other local organizations, help plan for the continued actions taken during the pandemic. Advocate on behalf of your organization and community with the Federal Government by taking part in letter writing campaigns.

Information on suggested letter writing campaigns can be found by accessing the E-News sent out on April 16th -

2. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news and recommendations by accessing the Federal Government of Canada website as well your provincial government website.

3. Be aware of the facts. Keep on top of up-to-date information by following these reputable websites.

Ultimately, don't hesitate to reach out to any of these groups, agencies or government departments. We're all in this together and so they want to help you too! It never hurts to make a call or send an email and simply start the conversation.

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