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CAFE Break

CAFE has updated the look and feel of our e-newsletter. We will be sending you regular communications to give you a CAFE BREAK in order to stay on top of national industry news, programs and opportunities. To help you navigate different items, you'll see a legend below highlighting the following items:

MEMBERS ONLY When you see this icon, you'll know that this news item or opportunity is only available to CAFE members and you'll need to ensure your membership is up to date in order to take advantage.

GROUP INITIATIVE Group initiative means we will be requesting or informing you about an allocated party of individuals or organizations that will be associated with the item.

NEW RESEARCH Whether it's CAFE's own research or research we have found that may be useful to you, this has been data or information aggregated that will provide useful information to you.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (PD) This represents an opportunity to learn and experience new things that will lead to a better basis of knowledge and understanding within our sector. PD opportunities may include webinars, convention registration, or online courses.

CAFE MARKETPLACE The Marketplace is where you get to go shopping! Whether it's to purchase merchandise, signage for your events, or convention registrations, these are just a few examples of what the marketplace will provide.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES CAFE tracks federal, private and other funding opportunities that may benefit you. We'll use this icon to let you know you may have the opportunity to access new funding through grants, donors or other options.

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