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COVID-19 Resources

Updated on an ongoing basis

CAFE Communications

For an up to date list of events across Canada click here.

E-News March 6, 2020

E-News March 13, 2020

E-News April 9, 2020

E-News April 16, 2020

E-News April 28, 2020

*CAFE has 10"x10" signs available in English and French at $4 each for members promoting hand washing. To purchase, please contact

Online Forum

CAFE has created an online forum where everyone can ask questions and share ideas related to COVID-19. 


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Useful links



Useful Links

Public Health Agency of Canada

World Health Organization

National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases

The International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) also has several public resources available here.

Corporations Canada has given guidance on hosting Annual General Meetings in order to meet CC standards.


If required, organizations can contact CC to extend the call to their AGM. More information here.


Virtual Fundraising Ideas & Options for your fundraising events


Canada Helps posted an article of 7 Creative Virtual Fundraising Ideas as well as Options for your upcoming scheduled fundraising event

Past Webinar Recordings

Past webinar recordings
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