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Small & Medium Fairs Roundtable Chat Transcript 

May 6, 2020

19:28:48     From Amanda Peckham : Good evening all~
19:29:06     From Nancy Armstrong : Hi
19:29:08     From Dawn Corless : Hello everyone from Armour Ryerson Burk's Falls Agricultural Society
19:29:18     From Leah Toth : Good Evening Everyone from Magnetawan Ontario 
19:29:25     From Pat Leonard : Hello from Elmvale Fair
19:29:26     From Dawn Corless : hi Leah
19:29:27     From Bev Latva : Hello from Uxbridge 
19:29:31     From Leah Toth : Hi Dawn
19:29:45     From Debbie Brock : Hi everyone from Oro-Medonte
19:29:57     From Rob Petten : HI everyone..... Rob Richmond Fair 
19:29:59     From M. Shannon : Hello.  I can hear and see the mtg. but no mic or camera.
19:29:59     From Marie Saunders : Hello from the Rainy River District
19:30:00     From Beth Schlueter : Hi everyone from Beth Schlueter Wellesley
19:30:11     From Dennis Williams : Dennis Williams. Kingston & District Agricultural Society
19:30:12     From Lisa Buck : Hello from Englehart & District Agricultural Society
19:30:12     From Kathryn Lynch : Good evening everyone.  Hope all have had a good week. Kathryn - Acton Agricultural Society. 
19:30:19     From Amanda Peckham : District 10 Director,  home Fair Hanover, Bentinck and Brant. Ag. Society from Ontario!
19:30:29     From margaret hauwert : hello from aberfoyle
19:30:47     From Tina Hiddink : Thank you Vince for sending out your summary including the  links of the previous calls.
19:30:54     From sharron Graydon : Hi Everyone Sharron from New Liskeard
19:31:08     From Sandy Droefke : Sandy Droefke President and Ashley Droefke Director- Walkerton Little Royal Fair
19:31:09     From Elizabeth Blair : Hello - Elizabeth Blair from Middleville Ag. Society
19:31:16     From Norma Bird : Norma Bird from Wainfleet 
19:31:18     From Lisa Buck : Will you be sending everyone a link for this?
19:31:23     From sharron Graydon : Great job of all the seminars very helpful
19:31:34     From Christina Franc : Yes the links will be sent out to all info
19:31:50     From Bev Donaldson : Bev from Schomberg
19:32:06     From Bev Latva : All the webinars have been helpful !
19:32:30     From cherylcom stanley : Greetings from Shawville QC
19:41:54     From Carol Johnson : Sorry for being late - trouble connecting with Zoom. representing Chesterville & District Agricultural Society
19:46:37     From Beth Meszaros : drive through food vendors
19:46:43     From Judy McFaul : Food banks
19:46:57     From Amanda Peckham : virtual fair.... barn tour.. ag. education trivia game .. seen a posting from the states, one fair who did a virtual fair..
19:47:39     From Winnie Linton : We ae hoping to have a Covid-19 mask/social distancing contraption contest for the children.
19:47:49     From Danny Jefferies : webinar series on gardening tips
19:49:19     From Heather Owens : We did a tractor parade to support health care workers, considering doing a car rally 
19:49:26     From Connie Robinson : Thinking of having a community picnic should we be able to have an activity with a few more people. Maybe have some exhibits, car show, games for families, maybe have the education barn available with some animals for kids to see. 
19:49:33     From Mitchell Lefebvre : we are currently going threw a driveable parade with Christmas lights and decorating our grounds. we are also looking into a drive in movie nights
19:50:01     From Dennis Williams : Kingston & District Agricultural Society has donated funds to two food supporting organizations. Looking for other ideas.
19:50:22     From Winnie Linton : Also hoping to have our parade and we are still encouraging children to make their Elementary/Youth projects, send pictures of these projects in, will be put on website, judged and prize money will be awarded.
19:50:32     From laura boyd : planning our community gardens with 4 -h clubs, to donate food to food bank/local seniors home Richmond fair
19:51:02     From Winnie Linton : Mitchell Ag. Society has also donated to our local Food Bank.
19:51:12     From lisa hines : we are developing a Grown at Home gardening Challenge. Winners will be announced at our virtual fair
19:52:23     From Carol Johnson : Holding an agricultural exhibition is only one of the 6 things that Ontario Agricultural Societies can do as part of their mandate. Vince, has there been any discussion around shifting our focus from the 'Fairs" to one of the other objects set out by the legislation?
19:52:39     From Connie Robinson : How about car bingo?
19:52:43     From Norma Bird : What about the liability if someone gets ill?
19:52:44     From Catherine Barnsley : Short videos of  previous winners (gardeners, bakers, pie makers, sheaf-makers) on HOW TO tips — posting on FB.
19:52:45     From margaret hauwert : from aberfoyle how can I justify asking businesses for money when I know that they are hurting as well.  Suggestions
19:52:59     From Leah Toth : A drive in movie ...
19:53:07     From Dawn Corless : I like the idea of car bingo
19:53:19     From Leah Toth : ,me too
19:53:55     From cherylcom stanley : We are considering a virtual or breeders cup for our dairy division. 
19:54:33     From Haley Rose : I participate already in virtual poultry shows, so we are also looking at that.
19:54:55     From Winnie Linton : DON'Tdo it!!  you don't have enough volunteers or resources to do it!
19:55:08     From Beth Schlueter : A group here in the Wellesley Twp has had signs printed that say We are Strong Together -Support Local . Anyone can donate and receive a sign for the lawn. As a fair we have donated a substantial amount and will place a sign in each of the 5 built up areas of the township. We have asked the councillors involved to designate a spot for us to place them. The money earned is in  a fund administered by the township for distribution to marginalized folks who need extra help due to Covid-19. 
19:55:15     From Meredith Brophy : Is anyone considering virtual livestock shows (cattle, sheep, etc.). I'm aware that some national associations already do this on a regular basis.
19:55:34     From Grace Mullen : Can someone define what a car bingo would look like?
19:55:37     From Beth Meszaros : I see share printing resources as a combined effort. Remember that Staples has an account that can be used by all Ag Societies with reduced costs.
19:55:42     From lisa hines : I am working on a virtual fair. Lots to learn.
19:55:52     From Fran Farrell : I agree with Norma,  we are putting our volunteers at risk too. very concerning and hard to decide what to do. 
19:55:55     From cherylcom stanley : Yes, Meredith  we are at Shawville Fair for the Dairy 
19:56:05     From Shelley Ashley : interested in what a car bingo is exactly as well.
19:56:19     From Leah Toth : We still have lack of internet in the rural areas. That sometimes eliminate those that don't have it. 
19:56:21     From Beth Meszaros : Look to waht 4H is doing with virtual livestock shows.
19:56:44     From Winnie Linton : Sorry, have to go.  Thanks everyone!
19:57:03     From sharron Graydon : From Sharron New Liskeard I would love Car Bingo info as well
19:57:57     From Haley Rose : There's a monthly car bingo in Carp. Basically its a drive in. You pay per carload, print your own sheets, and then when you win, you honk your horn!
19:58:06     From Julie Kimpel : I also would like to know more about car bingo!
19:58:27     From Leah Toth : Beth - Where did you get the signs made? 
19:58:38     From Dennis Williams : KDAS looking at social media and web site contests and communication with our community. 
19:58:43     From Dawn Corless : Connie Robinson can you give us more info on the car bingo please
19:59:14     From Marg Deichert : Hi All - Marg from the Zurich Ag. Society - we have hosted car bingos for the past 2 years - none this year due to COVID 19 though.  The people sit in their cars or bring lawn chairs and sit outside. They purchase bingo cards and it is a regular bingo - cash prizes and it is a licenced event.  You have to have a lottery trust account in order to get licences.  So basically the bingo just happens outdoors.
20:00:31     From Lyndsie Greig : If you are all in cars and you have a large turn out how can they hear the person calling the numbers?
20:00:50     From Norma Bird : There is some echoing on line. 
20:01:00     From Lisa Buck : We tried getting a lottery license and the town wouldn't give us one due to Covid
20:01:23     From Marg Deichert : We have a sound system - just announce the numbers and the people honk the car horn when they have a bingo
20:02:31     From Norma Bird : Prize books caqn go online
20:02:40     From Amanda Peckham : i know of one small fair is thinking of doing a 2 yr book.. no dates.. any events will be an insert to go with the book...
20:02:46     From Megan Mildmay : we are just thinking of holding everything to 2021 year not printed but have not made a choice yet 
20:02:49     From Lisa Buck : We are telling people that we can use the 2020 one for next year if we cancel.  We also have it on line
20:02:51     From Yvonne Paulson : Our prize book is complete and we aren't printing it we have just cancelled our fair and will use it next year and go 100% online next year
20:02:52     From Janet Williamson : I have emailed our youth classes to all the exhibitors that gave me their email last year so the kids to still participate
20:02:59     From Dean Garrett - Lansdowne Ag Society : Our prize book was already printed in January so we are just going to use it next year
20:03:15     From Carol Johnson : We are printing fewer books and doing more online through our website and AssistExoi. We can not totally do away with the print version as some people don't do the internet thing lol
20:03:19     From Kerry McDonald : not printing - will wait and use it next year.   Ideally this year's work will be used for 2021 and then in 2021 we'll start working on 2022
20:03:27     From margaret hauwert : don't do a two year book we did it and it was a hot mess
20:03:45     From Norma Bird : If the Fair is a go we will print fewer books
20:04:32     From Dunnville Fair : Dunnville Fair is saving this years for next year as we have cancelled and will change the dates - but we will be and judge them putting our school fair online for the teachers in the next couple weeks and will arrange a drop off spot in the summer 
20:04:43     From Alicia Van Esse : we have sent the childrens classes to the local school board and teachers that have asked in the past for the classes, so we had their info on file.  Teachers a looking for things to do with the kids
20:04:59     From Barbara Johnson : Important to have book on line so kids can view and enter
20:05:16     From Jim Finnigan : sciouting is not running as such right now
20:05:22     From sharron Graydon : From Sharron New Liskeard Good at home project for school Children and submit for competition
20:05:23     From Norma Bird : There is an echo! Can't hear
20:05:26     From margaret hauwert : people got mix up what to enter, so we had some from the year previous mixed in with the next year
20:05:44     From Jim Finnigan : no meeting period
20:05:55     From Janet Williamson : turn your volume down a bit if you get an echo
20:06:23     From Juliette Terry : Dunchurch does a 4 year book with a good list of specials for every year
20:06:25     From doug Yeo : Ag activities might focus on demonstrations like shoeing a horse, extracting honey, milking, etc. and putting online 
20:06:28     From Tina Hiddink : Christina I’m missing a lot of your comments. There is an echo  and your voice trails off.
20:06:42     From Dunnville Fair : How to crochet or knit 
20:06:45     From scott goodfellow to Christina Franc (Privately) : farmer olympics
20:07:09     From margaret hauwert : no echo now
20:07:20     From Alicia Van Esse : Pintrest is good with this!  it has lots of ideas on what kids can find out in nature and make crafts with
20:08:44     From Leah Toth : I think that if people are looking at demonstrations online, maybe if we had a list of resources that we can get and set up for our communities/members that would be awesome- that is sharing our resources. ...lets not reinvent the wheel.
20:09:13     From cherylcom stanley : Any one thinking a virtual Talent show?
20:10:11     From Leah Toth : That would be pretty cool..
20:10:13     From doug Yeo : Western Fair is having some of their Rise2Fame competitions virtually
20:10:59     From sharron Graydon : From Sharron New Liskeard - I am looking at having a virtual ambassador program
20:11:03     From Nancy Armstrong : A lot of our members do not have internet, does anyone have any non virtual ideas?
20:12:00     From Dunnville Fair : not eligible as we have no staff 100% volunteer - we have questions about the 2020 OMAFRA grant for fairs who have or will be cancelling?
20:12:16     From Yvonne Paulson : We have applied for CEBA and CEWS
20:12:29     From Barbara-Ann Glaude : Stormont> no staff
20:12:48     From Norma Bird : we have only applied for municipal funding
20:12:52     From Sandy Droefke : Has anyone thought about the 2019 Ambassadors staying on for another year as they have not really had the chance to experience being a Fair Ambassador like other years?
20:13:24     From Joanne Holt : aberfoyle has  no staff but general expenses ie insurance rentals are still there.
20:13:24     From Julie Kimpel : Yes - our Ambassador has agreed to stay on for another year 
20:13:37     From Amanda Peckham : yes we have asked our ambssadors to stay on another year if they want..if we cancel.. if we dont we will run a program....  we have 3 ambassadors... lil, jr and sr...
20:13:44     From Susan McGonigle : There is an Ambassador webinar to discuss the Ambassador programs going forward
20:13:45     From John Dewhurst : Sandy there is another webinar scheduled for next Thursday about the ambassadors.
20:13:45     From Yvonne Paulson : Operations and keeping the lights on
20:13:56     From Dunnville Fair : pay our rent for the office no land
20:14:04     From Fran Farrell : Our ambassador is willing to stay on for an extra year/ she is doing the extra year at school as she doesn't think she will have enough of required school to get into her program.  also, she won't have all the experiences. 
20:14:08     From scott goodfellow to Christina Franc (Privately) : grounds and maintenance...keeping the lights on
20:14:09     From Dunnville Fair : insurance and phone etc
20:14:12     From Debra Post : our ambassador has already done 2 years so we are thinking of having a virtual competition (if needed) and giving the new ambassador the opportunity to stay on for two years
20:14:17     From John Dewhurst : Utilities etc
20:14:19     From Alicia Van Esse : utilities, upkeep.....
20:14:25     From Katlyn Richaud : operations, building upkeep, staff wages
20:14:25     From Barbara Johnson : May 14 for Ambassador webinar
20:14:25     From Janet Martyn : Operations, rent, staff, etc.
20:14:48     From Sue-Ellen Blekkenhorst : utilities, mortgage
20:15:31     From Carol Johnson : This is the perfect time to take on some maintainance items, but without sponsors or donations, that is not possible :( Many grants require matching funds...
20:15:39     From Mitchell Lefebvre : we’ve applied to for a load grant that came out in March and got it within weeks 40,000$ it was but the down side to it is you have to pay back 30,000$ and have until 2022 so basically it’s 10,000$ free for nonprofit
20:15:46     From laura boyd : what happens if no one wants to come to judge?
20:15:52     From Jim Finnigan : a lot if hydges are in the 65 plus range
20:16:14     From Susan McGonigle : I think these measures will be dictated by your local health department and they will give guidelines that Ag. societies will have to follow.
20:16:31     From Norma Bird : We have mainly seniors and kids. 
20:16:39     From Randy Creighton : I will not be tasting 100 different baking entries, or canning or pickles etc.  let alone handing hundreds of craft entries.
20:16:50     From Dunnville Fair : PPE supplies -if your fair is not cancelling this year  may be an issue - I work in Healthcare and the masks , sanitizer and soap are an issue for the general public as items are going to healthcare first - you will have to check with suppliers now for these items if they can get them … 
20:16:51     From Fran Farrell : those loans you need to have payroll, not just honorariums. 
20:17:08     From Carol Johnson : When we were talking about judges, culinary is almost impossible to police....
20:17:25     From Sue-Ellen Blekkenhorst : Most of our judges have already said that they won't judge this year.
20:17:33     From Kathryn Lambert : REGISTRATION LINK FOR AMBASSADOR ZOOM, next Thursday:
20:17:33     From Barbara Johnson : As a judge I would be willing to judge crafts but would bring my own gloves and mask.
20:17:45     From John Dewhurst : Thanks Kathryn
20:18:00     From Dunnville Fair : order now - you may not get them till September/October on backorder
20:18:06     From Leah Toth : If everyone is going to need PPE- could we order bulk and share those costs?
20:18:06     From Amanda Peckham : as an apprentice... if there is fairs open i am willing to go judge... 
20:18:31     From Carol Johnson : Is that Ambassodor webinar for those who already have the program?
20:18:32     From Dunnville Fair : ppe and bulk order would be the best way to go  :)
20:18:43     From Norma Bird : I just think our Emergency Preparedness plans need to be much better
20:19:00     From Yvonne Paulson : We were hoping to wait until July, but our midway provider advised they wouldn't be coming so we were forced to decide now
20:19:01     From margaret hauwert : I don't think any fair has the man power to police social distancing and other health requirements 
20:19:25     From Dennis Williams : PPE and sanitizer will be hard to find for thousands of visitors, volunteers and participants at your fair.
20:19:34     From Catherine Barnsley : volunteer exhaustion — due to pandemic stress was a major factor in deciding to cancel early
20:19:45     From Debra Post : when we cancelled our fair, it was 6 weeks prior and we took into consideration that restrictions may not be lifted, but also people may not have the disposal income to come even if we did hold it
20:19:52     From Dunnville Fair : for dunnville we cancelled 2 weeks ago however the County just announced this week that all fairs and festivals held on their land is cancelled- we are on county land - our storage building is on county land and have no access to it
20:19:52     From Haley Rose : Our fairground is owned by the municipality, so its probably not up to us
20:20:14     From Leah Toth : Concerned over restrictions being lifted but no ready to come out to the fair 
20:20:16     From Katlyn Richaud : Midway draw over half our customers - they cannot run & 4-H has said they are shut down. That takes 90% of our fair activities out
20:20:24     From Carol Johnson : We have already cancelled.... There are too many risk factors, and would put a strain on a community that is hurting with businesses closed, people laid off. It will take time to recover from all of this...
20:20:39     From John Dewhurst : We are making a decision at the end of the month. Our main concern is getting a low turnout, at a Labour Day weekend fair
20:20:42     From Dunnville Fair : ...and our division rep for the county was laid off indefinitely last month as well 
20:20:44     From laura boyd : concerned about aging volunteers as well at our fair… don’t think they will come to help
20:20:53     From Norma Bird : We will likely make a decision next week
20:21:17     From Lyndsie Greig : we are deciding on the 31st to announce June 1
20:21:25     From Jim Finnigan : if the province mandates the number of people who can gather what and how do you poice that
20:21:42     From Beth Meszaros : 4H has not cancelled there are clubs across the Province that a re running. Check out the virtual 4H website.
20:21:44     From Joanne Gregson : We need to think of our own volunteers and the impact this could be on their families first and for most.  Our decision is pending as to whether we go ahead  or not
20:21:51     From John Dewhurst : that would be very difficult if there is more tahn one gate
20:22:06     From Dennis Williams : Kingston is using the Kingston Memorial Centre where we hold our fair as a COVID-19  assessment centre.
20:23:20     From Rob Petten to Christina Franc (Privately) : Ottawa earmarks $500M for arts and culture
20:23:46     From Janet Williamson : $47.50 for a box of 50 from a company out of St Marys
20:23:51     From Leah Toth : I think that is a good idea.  
20:24:05     From Susan McGonigle : Great idea Harley!
20:24:05     From Haley Rose : If we decide to do virtual activities and parades and the such, are we still using the term "cancel" or is there a better term?
20:24:13     From Leah Toth : Thanks Harley 
20:24:27     From Dunnville Fair : Harley.... so true … start ordering now....
20:24:30     From Carol Johnson : Thank you Harley!
20:24:45     From Bev Latva : buying group a good idea !
20:24:48     From Beth Meszaros : yes, I think it would be work together with buying PPE items especially for 2021.
20:24:53     From Katlyn Richaud : We used postponed instead of canceled
20:24:58     From Crystal McCallum : I people are worried to the point where they feel they need masks and gloves to attend an event, they will likely not attend. 
20:25:09     From Michael (Spencerville) : Be careful WE don't what to take the PPE away from our First Line Care Workers which desperately need it 
20:26:03     From Dennis Williams : Use modified fair activities.
20:26:05     From Crystal McCallum : I agree Michael. Medical grade PPE are for health care providers, not the general public. 
20:26:05     From Joanne Gregson : This could also create a large garbage issue on grounds.
20:26:18     From Pat Leonard : Does anyone know what midway companies are still planning on operating?
20:26:30     From Fran Farrell : I think we have to consider the health of everyone at stake.  If fairs have to cancel for a year or 2, then when we do start up again it will be a great celebration.  We may be redefined how we host and plan our fairs. 
20:26:54     From sharron Graydon : From Sharron New Liskeard Many churches and sewing companies are making masks Churches for a donation and others at a small price are these o.k. to use
20:27:40     From laura boyd : i have heard they are good to use, as long as you add a paper filter, like coffee filter as an insert
20:27:42     From Beth Meszaros : The masks churches are making are not of N95 quality.
20:27:59     From Jim Finnigan : other issue is as well if facilities are going to be allowed to be open as well arenas are closed
20:28:00     From laura boyd : masks are to protect others not you!
20:28:21     From Norma Bird : Masks only protect others from you - not you from others
20:28:23     From margaret hauwert : After being in Vietnam for just four months I can tell you from experience we just don't get how dangerous this virus is.  I think we are being naïve about what to do
20:28:25     From Crystal McCallum : You don't need N95 masks - COVID-19 is spread by droplets.
20:28:44     From Katlyn Richaud : My sister's husband is a doctor - cloth masks, even with a paper or coffee filter - are not good enough. They are better than nothing but not sufficient for protecting people
20:29:04     From Mitchell Lefebvre : Christina you are the best! awesome job again
20:29:12     From Jim Finnigan : what happens if you say go over your limit as to patrons and someone calls police would we get charged
20:29:19     From Norma Bird : N95 masks do protect you!
20:29:27     From Mike Dupuis - Walkerton Dist 10 : Everyone has to think about masks. Most people that where masks are protecting others by limiting your possibility of spreading any germs.
20:29:31     From Susan McGonigle : Thank you Christina and Vince.  As usual extremely informative!
20:29:31     From Mitchell Lefebvre : haha you still own me a pie haha
20:29:33     From Joanne  : they could do a count at the gate
20:29:36     From M. Shannon : Lots of info.  Thank you for hosting this.  
20:29:38     From Joanne Holt : Thankyou Christina and Vince.
20:29:43     From Yvonne Paulson : Thank you very much Christina and VInce.  Very valuable!
20:29:44     From Norma Bird : Thanks so much for all the comments! 
20:29:48     From Carol Johnson : Thank you so much Christina and Vince!!! Looking forward to working with everyone on alternatives and ideas moving forward!!
20:29:59     From scott goodfellow to Christina Franc (Privately) : thanks again!
20:30:00     From Haley Rose : Thanks Christina, Vince and Bev!\
20:30:01     From Marie Saunders : Marie Saunders good meeting once again, great info
20:30:03     From John Dewhurst : Great discussion.
20:30:04     From Pat Leonard : Thanks for all the info - it is truly appreciated
20:30:06     From Rob Petten to Christina Franc (Privately) : Have them check out the Survey that was don ...2020 return to live events 
20:30:09     From Leah Toth : Thanks everyone- makes me feel closer to all of you- yet still apart.
20:30:11     From Dean Garrett - Lansdowne Ag Society : Thank you for this meeting
20:30:16     From Dennis Williams : Thank Christina and Vince . Very useful information and comments. Great job.
20:30:17     From Mike Dupuis - Walkerton Dist 10 : Excellent job Christina and Vince
20:30:17     From Sylvia Parr : thank you
20:30:19     From Joanne  : thank you Christina and Vince!
20:30:20     From Elizabeth Blair : Another great meeting.  Thank you!
20:30:21     From laura boyd : thanks to both of you, and all participants for good input!
20:30:23     From doug Yeo : Wonderful opportunity to share ideas all across this province
20:30:30     From Stacey Bennett : Thank you
20:30:30     From Beth Schlueter : Excellent as always.  
20:30:38     From lorraine shields : appreciate all the comments. thank you for the meeting.
20:30:52     From Amanda Peckham : thanks for another great webinar CAFE and OAAS!!
20:30:55     From Heather Owens : Thanks, great discussion tonight 
20:31:01     From JOHN WHITE : Thank you great webinar
20:31:02     From Dawn Corless : hi Connie Robinson can you tell me what fair board you are with please
20:31:04     From Judy McFaul : great job OAAS and CAFE,, Thank-You
20:31:05     From Bev Donaldson : thanks again for the shared info. another great webinar. Gotta love ZOOM
20:31:11     From harley bloom : Thanks for helping.
20:31:17     From Fran Farrell : Thank you Vince and Christine for another great meeting.  Appreciate it. 
20:31:21     From Cathy Gayton : thank you
20:31:26     From Meredith Brophy : Thanks, Vince and Christina, for all your hard work.
20:31:44     From Joanne Gregson : Thanks to OAAS and CAFE for the support and information.
20:31:44     From cherylcom stanley : Thanks Cristina and Vince and everyone for the chat exchange. So many great ideas. 
20:31:47     From Dawn Corless : Thank you Christina and Vince for the meeting.  It was fantastic and very informative
20:32:02     From Kathryn Lynch : Thanks everyone for participating and sharing. Be well and safe. Have a good week.
20:32:05     From Dawn Corless : Thank you everyone for all your ideas

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