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CAFE Members Gain Free Site Planning Tool with CAFE x Fairs M.I. Partnership

CAFE is excited to announce our partnership with Fairs Management Interactive (Fairs M.I.).


This partnership allows every CAFE Member Fair access to a complimentary two-year subscription to the online site planning tool, Fairs Management Interactive (Fairs M.I.).

Get to know Fairs M.I.

The fairgrounds layout tool allows for the organizations to host a variety of different events understanding clearly the layout and what needs to be adjusted for each event, including to allow for timed ticketing, social distancing, etc. It will become a key tool in the organization's arsenal to share information with stakeholders involved in the tourism experience.

Watch this four-minute video:


- Modify event layouts to meet public health recommendations and ensure overall health and safety of guests, staff, volunteers, etc.

- Provide professional layouts to clients

- Reduce staff workload

- Reduce paper waste by implementing digital renderings

- Modify event layouts to design accessible floorplans/designs

- A digital layout also allows for easy changes depending on health restrictions, etc. and easily saving multiple copies, sharing with multiple stakeholders for approval, etc.

SITE PLANNING made easy.
Learn to plan and manage your Events and Facility in just Minutes!

CAFE Fairs Library

Along with members’ subscription, Fairs M.I. created a single web-based “Library” of all CAFE Member Fairs to access, so your own Fair will be ready to tryout, plan your events, or design a masterplan, … when you are!

“The “Fairs M.I.” team is excited and proud to continue to serve the Member’s event and facility planning needs. A majority of Members’ fairs are, online and ready for use by your staff. To see if your own facility is online now, check here:

We strongly encourage Managers to send their event building floorplans to as these will be added into your Fair’s site, and available for your staff to use, for interim events. 

Get started today!

1. Contact Us

Ready to get started or learn more? Please contact Steven Bolgiano from Fairs M.I. at



2. Get to know
the Tool

Schedule a 30-minute learning session, or just a casual “tour” of your Site Planner.

Contact Steven Bolgiano from Fairs M.I. at

3. start planning your next fair event

It's as easy as 1, 2 and 3!


Your fairground’s Site Planner is ready when you are! Begin working with the new tool!

If you have any questions, please contact CAFE HQ at 
or Steven Bolgiano from Fairs M.I. at

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