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Community Access Agreement

Welcome to the CAFE Forum’s online community. This is for the purpose of connecting our industry, sharing information and creating a peer-to-peer forum for the discussion of relevant issues. By joining, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules, terms and conditions set forth below. 


  1. This is to provide a forum for discussion and informational purposes only. CAFE is not undertaking to render advice. Participants must rely solely on their own judgement with respect to all issues discussed. CAFE does not approve or endorse any specific practices that may be mentioned, nor do they make any representations or warranties regarding experience, qualifications or information provided by participants in the forum.

  2. Participants acknowledge and agree that they will not have any copyright or other property rights in or to information that they (or others) post in the forum and specifically waive all property rights.

  3. Participants are not permitted to communicate in a manner that may violate federal or provincial laws (ie: antitrust), nor use the forum for illegal purposes, or CAFE’s by-laws, policies and code of conduct.

  4. Discussion topics are not specific advice, nor practice guidelines.

  5. Exercise common sense and courtesy in the messages, no defamatory, obscene, or otherwise offensive communications will be tolerated.

  6. Proper attribution is required for any files, articles or information that is not their own.

  7. Commercial messages, promotions, advertising or selling goods or services is prohibited.


CAFE has the right to deny access and/or remove posts from any participant who do not agree or adhere to these terms. The views expressed here are those of the individual contributors and CAFE does not assume any liability regarding the misuse of such information for any purpose. CAFE does not take any responsibility in maintaining copies or deleting any information in this forum.


By joining the Community, you represent and warrant that you have read these rules, including and fully understand the terms of these rules and acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to review these rules.

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